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With a diverse creative background and a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business/Management from Berklee College of Music, Meg Porter has passionately shaped her career around her love for live music, events and community. 


Most recently, Meg launched her own business called WeDoMusic that's all about empowering musicians. In the coaching program, Meg works with young music business professionals, artists and creative entrepreneurs to help them find their way in the music industry and create successful careers. On the podcast, Meg interviews inspiring leaders in the music industry, including award-winning artists, singers, touring musicians, background vocalists, producers, managers, record label executives and more.

As a proud Berklee alum, Meg founded Berklee Night, the official monthly music series for Berklee Alumni in January of 2014. Hosted at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood, Meg serves as the Event Producer, leading event logistics, coordination, booking & marketing. Over the past 6 years, Berklee Night has featured hundreds of alumni performers and has become a well established home, networking hub and creative platform for the entire local music community.

In previous years, Meg worked as the Creative Director at Inspire, a boutique music and branding agency, leading many music initiatives and assisting the CEO of the company. Clients include, Sony Music, 

Universal Music, Warner Brothers, Whole Foods Market, Drybar, Caruso Affiliated, The Olympics, UC Merced, the National MS Society, Miramar Hotel, New Form Digital, Bel Air Bay Club, SXSW, Intercall and O'Neill Clothing. In addition, Meg supervised the internship program at Inspire where she mentored many young musicians and entrepreneurs from USC and UCLA. 


Meg also has an extensive background in health and wellness and is passionate about meditation, yoga, nutrition, psychology and self care for herself and the entire music community.



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After 6 years of running Berklee Night and supporting hundreds of young alumni, Meg has officially launched her own one-on-one coaching program! We all know just how overwhelming and time consuming it is to move to Los Angeles and navigate the music industry on your own and Meg's vision is to help expedite that process and provide others with valuable insight, tools, resources and guidance to create the career of their dreams.


This program is the perfect fit for both new and more established LA based folks who are pursuing their passions in the music industry; including, artists, singers, songwriters, music business professionals, creative entrepreneurs, background singers, musicians, producers, managers, teachers, bands, a cappella groups and more. 

By joining our coaching program, you will have the opportunity to work with Meg to take your career to the next level. Depending on your needs, sessions may focus on identifying career goals, interests and vision, exploring industry jobs, events & opportunities, learning about the live music scene & booking shows, the art and value of networking, elevating social media pages, content & branding, planning out album releases & marketing plans, developing a winning mindset & daily routines for success,  brainstorming new revenue streams, building community & hosting events, launching your own creative project or business, audition/interview prep, tuning up your resume & portfolio and so much more. 



One-On-One Coaching Sessions 

Cost: $125/hour

Group Coaching Sessions  

Cost: $225/hour

*Please note, there is a Berklee discount available. Email to inquire.*

Sessions are generally held on a weekly basis but can be more frequent

or on a bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the client's needs

and upcoming projects.

To apply please send us an email with your contact information,

preferred package, musical background, social media links

and the area(s) of the industry you're in.





"Launching and managing various music projects has given Meg extraordinary insight & access into the experiences of hundreds of musicians in LA and around the country. She understands the challenges young musicians face on a deep level and is able to connect with all types of creative people. This, married with her expertise and background in marketing & branding, makes her an incredible resource. Her passion and practical optimism for musicians is empowering to anyone trying to navigate their music career. 

Dustin Hyatt

Berklee College of Music 

"Meg's strong work ethic paired with her calm spirit made it an absolute joy to work with her! Meg truly goes above and beyond with all she does and leads by example. Her genuine passion for helping others grow and succeed always motivated me to be the best I can be, and I'm so thankful for the incredible example she set for me while I was new in my career." 

Lauryn Lyskin


“Meg is definitely a consultant you'd be lucky to work with! Her knowledge and experience of running businesses in a city like Los Angeles makes her a great mentor. Moving to LA not too long ago, I knew she was a resource I could always reach out to. She really cares about helping you succeed and giving you the tools and encouragement to help you on your path!"


Rachel Gonzalez 

Berklee College of Music 

"In a land of bright lights and big stages, it's hard to find an intimate setting to share your art with others. I can't stress the value of willing hearts and ears ready to listen and receive. As a songwriter, the platform Meg Porter has created is essential to my growth as an artist."

Mackenzie Green

Berklee College of Music

Prince's New Power Generation

"Working with Meg was an absolute pleasure! She is genuine and warm while also bold, courageous, and self-assured, which makes her servant leadership stand out. Meg's experience in the music industry coupled with her desire to help others succeed is what makes her such a rare find. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to work with her and appreciate her wisdom and example that I have carried with me in pursing my dreams and goals."


Kiara Santos

USC Marshall School of Business 

"Working with Meg has helped me grow professionally and personally. Her calm energy is reassuring and her work ethic is incredibly motivating. Gracious, humble, and passionate in all she does, Meg has also taught me that music transcends all aspects of life and to never stop doing what you love."

Kat Eun

USC Masters Applied Psychology




Berklee Night takes place on every first Tuesday of the month

@ Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood, CA 

21 + ages // $10 at the door